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Group Project Plan for TWR2014

This project plan deals with the addition of four new features to Microsoft Word, as well as four bug fixes.

Summary of Features and BugsEdit

This project plan will provide details and a timeline for the creation of the following new features in Microsoft Word:

  1. voice recognition-  this feature will allow the user to speak to the software through a microphone to dictate text into a document.
  2. voice formatting - this feature will allow the user to format a document (headings, margins, etc) by speaking commands into a microphone.
  3. automated glossary - this feature will allow users to tag entries and create an automated glossary from the entries.
  4. sharing documents on Facebook - this feature will allow users with an internet connection to upload Word documents to Facebook.

It will also provide details on the repair of the following four bugs:

  1. Unable to make hypertext links different colours
  2. Preventing tables (or just one row) from breaking across pages
  3. Unable to control page borders right on the page
  4. Some styles come up with 2 'normal text' formats


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